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The Best Way to
Protect Unpatchable
Legacy Infrastructure

Protect Infrastructure Graph

Simple OT Protection thatStops the AI-Powered Kill Chain


Reduce OT Security Costs by Up to 70%

Reduce Security Costs Graph

Secure Remote Access 6x Faster than VPN

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Stop the AI-Powered Cyber Kill Chain

Kill Chain Graph OT Security

Blastshield Prevents Attacks Before They Happen

Prevent Initial Access OT Security

Prevent Initial Access

Enforce phishing-resistant MFA and mutual authentication

Make Devices Undiscoverable OT Security

Make Devices Undiscoverable

Make devices undiscoverable with network cloaking

Stop Lateral Attacks OT Security

Stop Lateral Attacks

Protect critical assets and legacy infrastructure

Collapse The OT Security Stack

Eliminate Old Tech

BlastShield replaces VPNs, firewall ACLs, data diodes and jump hosts with a single AI-Resistant OT cybersecurity solution

Eliminate Old Tech Graph OT Security
Reduce OT Security Costs Graph

Reduce OT Security Costs

BlastShield eliminates old security and saves up to 70% in Costs

BlastShield’s AI-Resitant Solution

BlastShield’s Software-defined perimeter (SDP) restricts access to resources using Biometric and PKI-verfied identities for Secure Remote Access. They also create a virtual boundary around any networked resources with Network Cloaking. Our SDP hides an organization's infrastructure from outsiders by creating a virtual perimeter using software rather than hardware.

BlastShield Client Authenticator for OT Security Illustration
BlastShield Orchestrator for OT Security Illustration
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How BlastShield Simplifies OT Cybersecurity

AI-Resistant OT Cybersecurity

Graph showing how BlastShield simplifies OT Security

Replaces VPN’s, Firewalls, and Data Diodes

Graph showing how BlastShield replaces VPN's, Firewalls, and Data Diodes in OT security

Simple Orchestration and Management