Eliminate Attack Surfaces in Seconds

BlastShield is a network cloaking system that blocks all internet access for legacy OT systems, eliminating attack surfaces and deterring hackers from gaining access to sensitive systems.

Take Control of your OT Network with Confidence

BlastShield’s Network Cloaking provides a secure remote access solution for industrial control systems, allowing you to manage critical assets without worrying about attacks. With network segmentation, you can protect against threats from inside and outside your network while maintaining visibility and control over your systems.


Network Cloaking Icon

Network Cloaking

Gives complete invisibility to critical assets by blocking all remote access to systems.

Secure Remote Access

Securely manage assets, no matter how remote they are, with secure remote access protocols and SSH tunneling.

Network Segmentation Icon

Network Segmentation

Isolate and protect critical systems from the rest of the network to reduce the attack surface.


Undiscoverable Network

With network cloaking, your OT systems are entirely unseen by hackers, eliminating risk from outside attack.

Stop Lateral Attacks OT Security

Lateral Movement Control

Prevent lateral movement.

Prevent Initial Access OT Security

Unpatchable and Zero-Day Protection

BlastShield offers protection against zero-day threats and protects unpatchable legacy systems, shielding your OT systems from even the most advanced attacks.

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