September 21, 2022

BlastWave BlastShield Performs up to 34 Times Faster than Other Vendors in Tolly Group’s Zero-Trust Network Access Study

Zero-Trust Network Access solution BlastShield outperforms competitors in recent test, highlighting the need for high-performance, peer-to-peer architecture to secure hybrid work environments

Palo Alto, Calif. – September 21, 2022 BlastWave today announced that BlastShield™, its Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, has been rated as the fastest on the market in a performance test report by The Tolly Group. BlastShield outperforms OpenVPN, Perimeter 81, Tailscale and Twingate in all tests, showing the weaknesses of hardware-based VPN and cloud-based secure access service edge (SASE) products for fast client-to-application and site-to-site secure remote access in hybrid work environments. 

Editorial note: Download the Tolly Group ZTNA Performance Report for free.

Traditional VPNs and cloud-hosted, proxy architecture SASE solutions have performance issues because the shared gateways of these products create bottlenecks, and enterprises must rely on the performance of the cloud transport network. Performance deteriorates as the number of users increases and the quality of the network decreases. BlastShield’s peer-to-peer architecture enables direct and full-mesh connectivity over encrypted tunnels unencumbered by the hierarchical shared infrastructure of many SASE products, making it an ideal solution to enable fast, secure remote access to hybrid data services.

The Tolly Group report results include:

  • For client-to-application throughput, BlastShield was 34x faster than Perimeter 81 and 5x faster than Twingate
  • For site-to-site throughput, BlastShield was more than 6x the throughput of Tailscale and OpenVPN
  • BlastShield had virtually no wasted bandwidth. Tailscale had 700 times more retransmissions than BlastShield.
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As hybrid work increases, organizations are moving away from hardware-based VPN and cloud-based SASE due to poor performance, complex management and lack of flexibility. According to The Economist, “Before the pandemic Americans spent 5% of their working time at home. By spring 2020 the figure was 60%.” Enterprises are embracing hybrid work models and increasingly relying on high-bandwidth applications that test the throughput and reliability of traditional remote access solutions. With widespread implementation of hybrid work models across industries, enterprises must rethink their critical systems access and prioritize ZTNA security solutions that enhance performance and productivity through high-performance, peer-to-peer architecture. 

“These breakthrough test results position BlastShield as the LAN speed record holder in ZTNA performance, pun intended,” said Tom Sego, CEO BlastWave. “As distributed productivity and hybrid collaboration rely more on fast, secure remote access, high-performance ZTNA has never been more important for businesses that depend on digital infrastructure. BlastShield integrates with enterprise identity platforms, Azure Active Directory, SSO and SIEM platforms, enabling enhanced productivity across multi-vendor environments. The end result is blazing fast access to an invisible, software defined perimeter to secure our customers’ critical assets.”

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“The results of our client-to-application and site-to-site tests show that peer-to-peer architecture with direct connectivity and full-mesh networking is faster than the cloud-based SASE solutions tested,” said Kevin Tolly, Founder of Tolly Group.

BlastWave’s leading ZTNA solution helps enterprise IT administrators eliminate the need for hardware-based VPN, cloud-based SASE, firewall-as-a-service, Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB), SD-WAN technologies and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) through a single high-performance solution. BlastShield has been deployed in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and education to help enterprises achieve fast, secure remote access to their hybrid data services.

“In the wake of recent supply chain attacks, we recognized that VPN-based solutions simply cannot provide the level of protection we require for our critical data and remote access," said Emil Erlandsson, Chief Operating Officer at A2i. “At the same time, we needed to provide fast and reliable access to our hybrid data services, hosted both in the cloud and on premise. BlastShield’s performance has been outstanding, and their ZTNA secure access platform provides our developers with phishing-resistant protection to manage our AI-driven fuel pricing platform.”

BlastShield enables high-performance collaboration of a distributed, hybrid workforce, featuring reliable, fast encrypted connectivity for IT, OT and IoT deployments and secure access for legacy infrastructure. The ZTNA solution allows businesses of all sizes to create a software-defined perimeter (SDP) that makes any IP-connected device invisible to external attackers. With a cloud-based or on premise orchestration platform, BlastShield is easy to install and manage, simplifying the security stack without sacrificing performance.

Download the Tolly Group ZTNA Performance Report for free.

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Founded in 2017, BlastWave is a leading provider of Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions that help companies simplify the security stack without sacrificing performance. With BlastWave BlastShield™, businesses of all sizes create a software-defined perimeter (SDP) that protects connected applications, machines, and users - making them invisible to internal and external attackers, proving that you can’t hack what you can’t see. BlastShield was rated as the fastest ZTNA solution by the Tolly Group, performing up to 34x faster than other vendors. BlastShield, the next generation of secure access, simplifies security by eliminating the need to manage VPNs, firewalls, secure web gateways, cloud access security brokerage (CASB) solutions. 


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