We Simply Protect OT Networks

BlastWave is taking on one of the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity market - protecting a nation’s critical infrastructure. We deliver Operational Technology Cybersecurity solutions that minimize the available attack surface and protect against the rising tide of AI-powered cyber attacks. Our products were designed for OT networks with a single-minded focus on keeping them easy to use.

Our Products are Easy to Use

Don’t believe us? believe our customers:

“It is a miracle that you could move from start to finish in less than 60 days.”

"I couldn’t believe how easy it was to install. We configured 97 devices into 95 individual segments in four hours."

Our North Star Principles

OT is not IT.

OT networks do not have the same cybersecurity needs as IT networks.

Keep it simple.

Complex cybersecurity solutions often create new vulnerabilities.

You can’t attack what you can’t see.

Minimizing the attack surface is critical, and an opaque network cloak drastically reduces OT network risk.

There is no Remote Access today, there is just access.

It’s irrelevant where the user, device, workload, or data exists in today’s OT networks.

Stop monitoring Hackers.

Instead, stop and frustrate them.

Water And Wastewater

Protecting critical infrastructure in the water and wastewater sector ensures the continuous supply of safe drinking water, effective sewage treatment, and stormwater management. Cybersecurity protection is vital for public health, sanitation, and environmental protection, as disruptions could lead to waterborne diseases, ecological damage, and significant economic losses.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps water and wastewater utilities protect systems and prevent cyber attacks before they happen:

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Ensuring the security of manufacturing infrastructure is crucial for the uninterrupted production of goods and services, job preservation, and economic stability. Protection of these assets reduces the risk of physical and cyber threats, maintaining the global supply chain and fostering innovation, competitiveness, and growth.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps manufacturers protect systems and prevent cyber attacks before they happen.

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Safeguarding energy infrastructure is essential for reliable power generation, transmission, and distribution. As a backbone of modern society, disruptions in the energy sector could lead to widespread blackouts, economic losses, and threats to public safety. Enhanced security measures help minimize vulnerabilities and ensure a stable, resilient energy supply.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps energy companies protect systems and prevent cyber attacks before they happen.

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Oil & Gas

Protecting critical infrastructure in the oil & gas industry is vital for maintaining a stable energy supply, as it contributes significantly to global energy production. Ensuring the security of these assets reduces the risk of disruptions, accidents, and environmental disasters. A resilient infrastructure supports economic growth and job creation while minimizing vulnerabilities to physical and cyber threats.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps oil & gas companies prevent cyber attacks before they happen.

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Data Centers

Safeguarding data center infrastructure is essential for preserving digital information and services' integrity, availability, and confidentiality. Data centers support various industries, including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications, by storing and processing massive amounts of data. Ensuring the security of these facilities prevents downtime, data breaches, and financial losses, ultimately fostering trust, innovation, and technological advancement in the digital age.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps telecom and data center services providers prevent cyber attacks before they happen.

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Building Management

Protecting building management systems is crucial to maintain smart buildings' safe and efficient operation. These systems control critical functions like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and access control. Ensuring their security prevents unauthorized access, data breaches, and operational disruptions, ultimately promoting occupant safety, resource conservation, and cost savings.

Learn more about how BlastShield helps protect building management systems and prevent cyber attacks before they happen.

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Executive Team

Our team of technology experts and business leaders have the single focus of delivering cutting edge security solutions to our customers.

Portrait of Tom Sego
Tom Sego

Co-founder and CEO

Portrait of Peter Alm
Peter Alm

Co-founder and CTO

Portrait of Vince Zappula
Vince Zappula

Head of Sales

Cam Cullen

Head of Marketing

Portrait of Kelly Sims
Kelly Sims

Head of Operations

Advisors and Board Members

BlastWave’s valued relationships with security experts, industry insiders, and others provides us with valuable insights into our customers’ problems and how we optimize our solutions to make their organizations more successful.

Kevin Connors

Board Member

Barbara Nelson

Board Member

Chris Eberle


Sarah Lucas

Advisor & Board Observer

Charles Constanti


Vikram Singh


Mike Kay


Why you’ll love working at BlastWave

Two people working in a team

BlastWave is an inclusive, funded startup with a small team that is passionate about solving problems related to data security and privacy. We have created a stimulating, collaborative, and fun work environment where everyone can participate fully. We’re excited to see our colleagues in the morning and share ideas about new ways to create and deliver breakthrough products and technologies. Working at BlastWave requires adaptability, where people remain flexible and can deal with the dynamic nature of working at a startup with high aspirations. An important part of our office culture is promoting opportunities for personal and professional growth when we can find them.

Career Openings

BlastWave needs more people to help us achieve our vision of security and privacy for everyone! We have specific engineering needs right now, but we’re always on the lookout for great people in other roles. If you are intrigued by our vision, send us your resume and tell us how you can help us introduce a world where security and privacy are an integral part of every product … by design.

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