“BlastWave’s BlastShield brings a new level of security to our customers, regardless of their on-premises or remote work needs. In today’s COVID-19 environment, where remote access is key in the development and test space, customers are facing evolving cybersecurity challenges and an increased vulnerability to their intellectual property. ATxTel and BlastWave offer an end-to-end security solution capable of protecting key assets and sensitive IP contained within these test labs by rendering them invisible to malicious actors looking to gain access with intent of piracy or infringement of their technology.” - John Winans, President of ATxTel

The Operational Technology Zero Trust Alliance

A group of cybersecurity solution providers seeking to accelerate the deployment of comprehensive Zero Trust solutions.

We have built a coalition of Zero Trust solution providers focused on solving the biggest challenges for OT networks worldwide. Our solutions have been proven in real-world deployments, and we are actively working to scale and standardize ZTNA interfaces to enable flexible service adaptation for the many industries that rely on OT networks.

Technology Partners

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