BlastShield Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

BlastShield Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) provides Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to replace your virtual private network (VPN). The solution is comprised of the BlastShield Authenticator, Client, Host Agent, Gateway Agent, and Orchestrator.

BlastShield Authenticator

The BlastShield™ Authenticator is a downloadable software image for iOS and Android mobile devices for user passwordless authentication.

BlastShield Client

The BlastShield Client provides user access into the BlastShield network. The Client is downloadable software for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iPhone iOS, and Android. Available via the BlastWave website, Apple App Store, and Google Play store.

BlastShield Host Agent

The BlastShield Host Agent is software that is easily deployed on any IP-connected physical or virtual machine running Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS servers.

BlastShield Gateway Agent

The BlastShield Gateway Agent is a self-contained software image that can be deployed on a physical COTS appliance or as a virtual appliance running on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or in an on-prem VMware ESXi platform. A physical gateway appliance is capable of making any IP-connected OT or IoT asset virtually invisible – even from within the local network. The virtual gateways can be used to facilitate secure remote access into workloads hosted within a VPC (including serverless and containerized platforms).

BlastShield Orchestrator

The BlastShield Orchestrator is a cloud-based application that provides a single-pane of glass to manage Users, Agents, Groups, and Policies. The Orchestrator can also be hosted by the customer on-prem.

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BlastShield is a secure access solution that is faster, more secure, and easier to manage than your VPN.

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