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What to Expect

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Download the BlastShield Authenticator & Client

During the call with BlastWave, you will download the BlastShield Authenticator and Client software. This software will allow you to connect to the BlastShield network and the Orchestrator.

Deploy BlastShield Agent and Make Your Host Undiscoverable

We will show you how to deploy the BlastShield Agent software on a host machine and make it undiscoverable from the public internet.

Experience the simplicity of BlastShield to secure your OT network and legacy infrastructure.

What is BlastShield?

BlastShield is a zero-trust network access solution that helps organizations implement a zero-trust architecture.

Instead of relying on enhanced identity governance (EIG), complex layers of micro-segmentation, or cloud-based gateways, BlastShield utilizes a software-defined perimeter (SDP) approach for more granular access controls and reduced risk from stolen credentials and complex management.