Protect Your Critical Assets Against Disasters

VPNs have become the vector for inadvertent and advertent network breaches. With the number of infrastructure breaches rising exponentially, companies need a solution to protect their critical assets.

Learn how a food logistics company recognized a critical vulnerability in their system and protected themselves with BlastShield™.

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When researching cyber security options and network protection, many CEOs and CISOs are focused on preventing data breaches and leaks.

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BlastShield enables organizations to hide on-premise and cloud workloads from outsiders and insider threats, concealing an organization's infrastructure from cyberattacks through software-defined microsegmentation without modifications to existing network fabric and hardware.

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BlastShield is able to protect systems that either haven’t been patched or legacy systems that are unsupported and can’t be patched.

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Experience the simplicity of BlastShield to secure your OT network and legacy infrastructure.

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“BlastShield truly works. In test after test, I was unsuccessful at circumventing its passwordless MFA login for remote access as well as break outside the software-defined microsegmentation to pivot around inside the network.” - Alissa Knight, Former CISO, Recovering Hacker