T-Mobile Breach & the Micro-Segmentation Solution - Keeping Your Data Safe

In recent news, T-Mobile’s CEO apologizes after T-Mobile customers are left feeling frustrated over a major breach.

The most recent breach of data storage systems at T-Mobile shows that once criminals have had some success at a site, just like scavengers, they will keep coming back to it. While many companies go through extensive security audits following a breach, the advice they are given is often that there is no way to prevent attackers from getting into your network, you can only detect them once they are in and then defend yourself against the attack that is already taking place or setting up.

At BlastWave we don't believe that, we believe that a Pervasive Zero Trust Network Access solution is what is required to keep your data safe. Our BlastShield™ solution provides micro-segmentation at the network layer combined with a patented software-defined perimeter (SDP) that renders assets such as data storage systems, servers, and any device that is connected to an IP network, invisible from everyone but authorized users. By converging these two functions we provide protection for East-West traffic in the data center and local network, with protection for North-South traffic, both local and remote. Our use of password-less multi-factor authentication further secures the network by ensuring that there are no passwords that can be stolen, phished or compromised.

The good news is that you don't have to take my word for it, we invite you to check it out yourself. BlastShield is more than a VPN, it is the VPN alternative. It is a converged SDP and Micro-Segmentation solution for less than the cost of a VPN. So why not get real protection today and schedule a free demo of the world’s leading  Zero Trust Network Access solution from BlastWave?

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