SDP Rising & the Fall of VPNs

"How many times must we repeat the sins of our fathers before we finally learn the lessons history teaches us in the vulnerability created by legacy virtual private networks (VPNs). The reign for VPNs, much like the pharaohs who once ruled over Egypt is dead...This white paper discusses the rise of SDP and fall of VPNs."
- Alissa Knight, Former CISO, Recovering Hacker

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"As the vulnerability researcher who published the world’s first vulnerability in VPNs over twenty-two years ago, it’s unfathomable to think that VPNs are still in use today when more secure alternatives are available. Is it simply convenience in the fact that it’s offered in the very unified threat management (UTM) solutions already being used on the edge of the network that makes it an acceptable risk to companies or are companies simply just aware of the risk posed to their business by using VPNs?" - Alissa Knight, Former CISO, Recovering Hacker

In a recent survey published in 2021, 93% of organizations surveyed have deployed some kind of VPN, yet 94% know that VPNs are a popular target for cybercriminals.

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“By 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out most of their remote access VPNs” - Gartner

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The vulnerabilities in TeamViewer go from 2021 all the way back to
2010 calling into question if trading VPNs for remote access
solutions like TeamViewer is just choosing between two evils.

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Stop hackers by crippling their toolbox with BlastShield.

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“BlastShield truly works. In test after test, I was unsuccessful at circumventing its passwordless MFA login for remote access as well as break outside the software-defined microsegmentation to pivot around inside the network.” - Alissa Knight, CISO, Recovering Hacker