Simplifying Zero-Trust Network Access and Accelerating Zero-Trust Compliance

In this webinar we'll explore the zero-trust concepts of “never trust, always verify” and “always assume breach.” We'll walk through the principle tenets, and approaches of a ZTA (zero-trust architecture), while identifying the challenges of meeting ZTNA (zero-trust network access) requirements and providing a detailed description of different ZTA deployment models. We will review in detail how ZTA can help organizations accelerate compliance with US NIST SP 800-207, IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-53 r5, CMMC 2.0, OMB Memorandum 22-09 that followed the White House OE 14028.

Software Defined Perimeter DEFINED

In this webinar we discuss SDP as a deployment model approach that meets the requirements of a zero-trust architecture (ZTA). This webinar explores the US NIST SP 800-207 approach to deploying an SDP. Specifically, how SDPs can be augmented with phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication, public key cryptography, and device cloaking, to improve the trustworthiness of the end-to-end system of users, devices, applications, and data.

See BlastWave In Action

In this third part of the webinar, experience real-time, zero-trust enforcement with BlastShield. Fill out the form to gain hands-on insights into our peer-to-peer Software Defined Perimeter, offering low latency and secure microsegmentation for water treatment, manufacturing, and energy infrastructure. Join now and discover unparalleled protection for your critical assets!"

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