BlastShield: Transforming OT Cybersecurity for Wind Energy

A Solution for Securing Remote Access Without Compromising Speed or Efficiency

Today's wind farm operations face significant cybersecurity challenges. Not only do these challenges stem from the remote and distributed nature of wind farms, but also from the startling ease with which their systems can be compromised. University of Tulsa researchers recently demonstrated that access to an unsupervised turbine's server could be obtained in less than a minute of lock-picking. This raises grave concerns over the potential for an entire farm of wind turbines to be hacked. A major concern for the industry is how to secure remote access into these locations without resorting to costly and potentially vulnerable solutions like firewalls, jump hosts, or VPNs. BlastShield is an innovative software solution that can revolutionize wind farm OT cybersecurity, addressing these pressing challenges and offering simplicity, robust security, and significant cost savings.

Reinventing Secure Connectivity for Wind Turbine Operations

Many wind farms rely on a complex, expensive, and increasingly vulnerable system of VPNs, jump hosts, and remote workstations to secure access to and from remote locations. This "Rube Goldberg" network architecture is not only cumbersome but also highly susceptible to the 600+ CVEs associated with VPNs today. Unauthorized access is made easier with stolen or phished credentials. Network segmentation, while crucial, usually necessitates the added complexity and cost of firewalls, ACLs, and VLANs.

Graph comparing existing methods with BlastShield's method of ensuring OT security in the wind energy industry

Simplifying Authentication: The Easy Button to Secure Remote Access 

Our solution enables users to authenticate via their mobile phones, eliminating the need for usernames, passwords, or the cumbersome 6-digit codes required by many MFA solutions today. Authentication with BlastShield is as easy as ApplePay. After a successful authentication, the software establishes a direct, encrypted tunnel to the remote workstation at the wind farm, allowing secure troubleshooting, software updates deployment, and RDP or SSH access without security risks. 

What makes BlastShield an ideal solution is its capacity to overlay on top of existing network architecture, meaning no costly 'rip and replace' measures are needed. 

Dramatic Reduction in OT Security Costs 

BlastShield offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that does away with outdated and expensive security measures, leading to cost savings of up to 70%. By consolidating your security spending and deploying BlastShield, you're not only protecting your remote locations but also significantly cutting down on your cybersecurity budget. 

The Future of Wind Turbine Operations Cybersecurity Starts with BlastShield

BlastShield is here to revolutionize your wind turbine operations by offering a robust, efficient, and cost-effective cybersecurity solution. Don’t let your operation become a part of the rising number of cyber incidents. Protect your business and schedule a demo or start a free trial of BlastShield today.

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