July 13, 2022
May 21, 2024

Blackouts Be Gone: AI-Powered Attacks in the Energy Sector

Blackouts Be Gone: AI-Powered Attacks in the Energy Sector

Recognizing the Overlooked Threat: Hostile AI in the Energy Industry

Recently, the Department of Energy (DOE) published two reports on AI’s near-term potential to support the growth of America’s clean energy economy. Both reports are optimistic about how AI can help the push for clean energy, but they barely mention a significant AI challenge for the energy industry—hostile AI. This is touched on in a single section on resiliency and challenges. However, the DOE overlooks the potentially catastrophic consequences of using AI for offensive cyberattacks, which could lead to a real-time battle between AIs to control the energy grid. This scenario, though seemingly fictional, has the potential to disrupt our daily lives and compromise our safety and security.

BlastWave's Solution: Shielding OT Networks from AI-Powered Attacks

At BlastWave, we are deeply committed to the safety and security of citizens, and we believe that protecting the energy sector is paramount. We have developed a robust solution that can effectively shield the energy sector’s OT networks from the growing threat of AI-powered attacks. Check out our video below for a clear demonstration of how our solution works:

The best response to the AI Threat is protection that can eliminate entire classes of threats. Detection, monitoring, investigations, and threat hunting after the fact are essential but much less effective than stopping the incident in the first place.

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