BlastShield - Zero Trust Software Defined Perimeter with Invisibility

Word on the street is VPN is dead. With over 500 VPN exploits today, this leaves companies of all sizes vulnerable to account takeover, ransomware and general security exploits. BlastShield is the VPN alternative that eliminates the top 2 ways hackers compromise your network, and makes your critical assets invisible to outsiders and unauthorized insiders. Watch this video to learn more about how this patented technology thwarts would-be hackers, yet is easy for software and DevOps engineers to deploy and use. This also works for industrial assets and OT environments.

Take back your power with Zero Trust protection from BlastWave.

Stop hackers by crippling their toolbox with BlastShield.

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Getting started with BlastShield is easy and free.

Getting started with BlastShield is easy and free. Follow the three steps below and get up and running fast.

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