July 5, 2023
July 25, 2023

The Future of OT Cybersecurity: Network Availability and Cloaking with BlastShield

The Future of OT Cybersecurity: Network Availability and Cloaking with BlastShield

Imagine a world where critical infrastructure remains secure, available, and protected from cyber threats. In this new world, fortifications protect your network, your legacy systems rest safely behind impenetrable shields, and even your costs significantly reduce. An impossible, far-off dream? Not at all! ; BlastShield makes it a reality.

Network Availability: The Foundation of Resilience

BlastShield makes the concept of network availability the heart of our solution. We understand that disruption to your operations has catastrophic consequences, impacting not only your bottom line but potentially public safety and environmental protection. BlastShield keeps your operation safe without interfering with its function.

Network Cloaking: The Invisible Shield

But we didn’t stop there. BlastShield goes beyond traditional cybersecurity measures with its revolutionary network cloaking technology. By making your devices undiscoverable to potential attackers, we minimize, reduce, and remove the entry points for cyber threats. A hacker might attempt scanning your network only to receive no response at all - almost like your network doesn’t even exists.. With network cloaking, your critical assets remain hidden and your systems remain secure.

Stopping the Cyber Kill Chain: Preventing Attacks Before They Happen

BlastShield's comprehensive protection supports multiple levels of defense in depth for cybersecurity.. Our solution blocks initial access through phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication and mutual authentication. We collapse the OT security stack, eliminating outdated technologies like VPNs, firewall ACLs, and data diodes. With built-in network segmentation, we replace complex rule sets with a streamlined approach, simplifying security management.

Simplifying OT Cybersecurity: Reducing Costs and Complexity

BlastWave understands that managing cybersecurity in the OT realm appears daunting. That's why we designed BlastShield for simplicity. Our solution saves you up to 70% in OT security costs, eliminating the need for multiple tools and resources. With simple installation and orchestration, you can get started in minutes, protecting your critical assets without the hassle.

Protect Your Critical Assets with BlastShield ICS/SCADA Protection Today

Are you ready to experience the power of network availability, network cloaking, and comprehensive OT cybersecurity? Take action and prevent cyber attacks before they happen. Start a free trial with BlastShield and discover a world where your infrastructure remains secure, your costs actually go downd, and peace of mind becomes habitual.

Begin your journey towards a resilient and secure future. 

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Revolutionize the way you protect unpatchable legacy infrastructure and safeguard your critical assets with BlastShield.

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