July 5, 2023
September 4, 2023

Improve Your Availability and Save Money: Avoid Unnecessary Downtime with BlastShield - the Ultimate OT Cybersecurity Solution for Midstream Oil & Gas

Improve Your Availability and Save Money: Avoid Unnecessary Downtime with BlastShield - the Ultimate OT Cybersecurity Solution for Midstream Oil & Gas

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: Enhancing Cybersecurity in Alignment with TSA's Mandates

Midstream Oil & Gas enterprises are in the crosshairs of cyber threat actors, which will lead to significantly more unplanned downtime. TSA issued a revised cybersecurity directive on July 21, 2022 targeted at cybersecurity resiliency for the nation’s critical pipelines, based on the colonial pipeline event. The enormity of the scope has made it challenging for many companies to meet these directives. However, BlastShield gives you the “easy button” to meet these regulations AND save up to 70%. 

Owners must perform cyber assessments and create an incident response plan as well as a TSA-approved cyber implementation plan that contains these 4 elements:

  1. Segment your OT network and isolate it from your business IT network. 
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to critical cyber systems (including remote access)
  3. Protect unpatched legacy systems 
  4. Build continuous monitoring and detection policies and procedures

BlastShield delivers three out of four of those requirements. 

BlastShield: Unleashing Advanced Cyber Protection for Industrial Control Systems

BlastShield, a trailblazing Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity solution, is purpose-built to shield your industrial systems from relentless cyber onslaughts. Our solution impeccably addresses three of the TSA's cybersecurity mandates:

  1. Network Segmentation: Most of our customers struggle with the extremely high up front costs and maintenance costs of firewalls. BlastShield acts as a distributed firewall to isolate and contain threats into smaller segments.  This stops the spread, if malware happens to get a toe hold in one portion of your OT environment. Movement of potential threats are restricted, containing any damage within specific segments. So an incident that could be a $40m event for your pipeline, could be contained to a single compressor station, meaning faster remediation and less downtime.  Network segmentation improves visibility, control, and the overall security of the IT and OT environment, ensuring secure and legitimate communication throughout the network. Achieve TSA compliance and safeguard critical infrastructure with strategic network segmentation.
  2. Secure Remote Access: VPN’s used to be part of the solution, now, with over 600 critical vulnerability exploits, they are part of the problem.  BlastShield strengthens your defense strategy and achieves TSA compliance by fortifying remote access points to protect your industrial control systems. With the rise of remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for secure remote access has become paramount for employees and vendors alike. BlastWave offers a comprehensive Remote Access Security solution that combines stringent access controls and advanced authentication protocols. By allowing only authorized users and secure devices to access your network, BlastWave significantly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, and, most importantly, DOWNTIME. With our robust security measures, you can confidently protect the availability of your modern industrial systems while meeting TSA compliance requirements.
  3. Risk Reduction of Unpatched Legacy Systems - If customers want to protect themselves from unpatchable legacy systems today, they are stuck with two bad options.  The first is to buy additional firewalls to further isolate those systems. The second is to disconnect them from the network, so the vulnerabilities can’t be exploited.  But, there is a better way.  BlastShield cloaks legacy devices so they are not reachable and not scannable until after authentication has been achieved. This renders your network invisible and impervious to both outsiders and unauthorized insiders. By obscuring your system's public-facing IP addresses, network cloaking significantly reduces the risk of potential attacks. This proactive approach fortifies your infrastructure by minimizing the attack surface and safeguarding against automated attacks and bots. With network cloaking, your ICS/SCADA systems remain one step ahead of potential threats, ensuring the utmost protection and compliance with TSA requirements. No other product or company can deliver this like BlastShield can.

Experience Up to 70% Cost Savings with Unrivaled Risk Reduction & Compliance

BlastShield stands as the optimal choice for midstream oil & gas organizations, tailored to cater to the specific needs of Risk Managers and Compliance Officers. With its unparalleled features, BlastShield emerges as an unbeatable ally in reducing the risk of cyber-induced downtime.

What sets BlastShield apart is its ability to revolutionize cost savings in three key areas:

  1. Eliminate the necessity of employing scarce and costly experts or resources.
  2. Experience significant cost savings on travel & expenses by providing secure remote access to these experts.
  3. Lower expensive insurance premiums by greatly reducing risk and ensuring TSA compliance.

BlastShield offers an astounding reduction of expenses, which allows organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently and effectively.

Your Next Strategic Cybersecurity Move

Take advantage of BlastShield's transformative capabilities and experience the immense value it brings to your organization's cybersecurity efforts.

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Elevate your organization's cybersecurity stance with network cloaking to render your oil & gas operations virtually invisible to both internal and external predators. 

Don't allow a cyber onslaught to disrupt your operations; establish a proactive cybersecurity stronghold with BlastShield today.

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