July 13, 2022
December 17, 2021

Have we simply given up on securing our critical infrastructure?

Have we simply given up on securing our critical infrastructure?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking the question, "is network security becoming the new definition of insanity?"

Well, this week I think I found the answer... emphatically YES!  

We all know network security has become a huge problem in our society and it seems to be getting worse. In the past 2 months, we've seen attempted attacks on water supply systems, successful attacks on energy pipelines, and this week we saw an attack disrupt food supplies.

We're spending billions of dollars on technology to protect our critical infrastructure, and yet these attacks keep occurring despite our attempts at trying to improve our defenses. What's even more frustrating is, it's no secret how the attackers are getting in. They're coming in through the network - more specifically, they're getting on the inside of the protected network, often bypassing or exploiting the very technologies we purchase to protect our critical assets and applications.  

The situation has become so acute that it begs the question "when do we stop"? When do we stop relying on antiquated protection technologies that don't protect our critical assets? VPN technology is 20+ years old, and the latest "next-generation" firewall technology is almost 10 years old. And, if we think they're protecting our critical infrastructure we're kidding ourselves. In every recent attack (from SolarWinds to Colonial) we can trace the attack to the same source - coming in through the protected network!

Having spent an entire career in networking, and over a decade in cybersecurity, I'm painfully aware of how complex this issue is, and I know I'm oversimplifying the problem. But, perhaps, just as Occam's Razor poses, "all things being equal the simplest answer is usually the right one". Perhaps, the answer to this problem is a simple one. Perhaps we should invest in preventing them from getting into the protected network in the first place?

Our mission at BlastWave is to do exactly that - stop the bad guys from getting in! And, we do that through a simple, yet powerful patented SDP technology that provides two fundamental classes of protection:

First, it acts as a cloaking shield for your critical assets - rendering them invisible to attackers (inside and outside). This stops the first step - reconnaissance and prevents malicious actors from identifying, targeting, and delivering malware to your protected systems.

Secondarily, it unifies micro-segmentation and visibility across the entirety of the protected network - preventing malicious visibility and lateral movement across the entire network.

The entire solution is delivered as a software overlay and can be deployed over any packet-based network in minutes.

If you're serious about protecting your critical assets, infrastructure, or applications why not give us a try. You have nothing to lose, and perhaps, everything to gain.

If you want to talk more in-depth, feel free to contact us.

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