July 13, 2022
January 29, 2024

Preventing the Terminator: AI-Resistant CyberSecurity

Preventing the Terminator: AI-Resistant CyberSecurity


You might have noticed that term started to pop up in our BlastWave content and marketing. I wanted to assure you that it is not just a marketing term or an attempt to jump on the AI bandwagon. There is a new severe threat out in the wild, and we want to ensure our Critical Infrastructure adapts to handle this new threat.

We have been researching this for some time and getting questions from our customers and prospects. InQTel did one particular piece of research that caught our attention on “Startups Needed: How Generative AI will Spark a New Innovation Wave in CyberSecurity,” which has a great discussion on the offensive and defensive Cyber Implications of Gen AI, with a graphic that really caught our attention:

Source: https://www.iqt.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Cyber-blog-1-image-1024x540.png

Startups in the industry often talk about using AI to help monitor networks. AI can provide better threat detection, certainly, but what about the urgent and extant need to blunt the Offensive Capabilities already leveraging GenAI. Offensive capabilities that specifically include nasty items like “Generate Better Phishing Emails,” “Find & exploit vulnerabilities and misconfiguration,” “Locate and exploit potential attack paths,” “Automate attacks,” and “Offer Phishing/Malware-as-a-Service.” 

This is happening now.

Not in the future.


You may have read our recent blog about whether Will GenAI finally kill the password. The immediate danger already seen is new tools like FraudGPT and WormGPT that are already in the wild. A recent report by SlashNext “The State of Phishing 2023,” reports a 1265% increase in malicious emails and a 967% increase in credentials phishing emails.

We believe the best defense against this type of attack is to eliminate passwords, which kills the phishing attack vector completely. With no credentials to steal and no expectation that email will be used to prompt logins, we kill the entire phishing industry targeting critical infrastructure. That is what BlastShield offers with our Secure Remote Access.

We believe the best way to defend against reconnaissance attacks is to minimize your attack surface. If you can’t see it, you can’t attack it. BlastWave’s innovative Network Cloaking does precisely that. 

If you want to protect your network from the AI attacks already happening with an AI-Resistant OT Security Solution, contact us for a trial of our solution - which is available now.

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